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Blog / Is Relying on One Technology Provider Good for Your Agency’s Business?

Is Relying on One Technology Provider Good for Your Agency’s Business?

Combining different technologies into an effective agency work environment has never been easy. But if you manage to do it properly, you can offer an advanced level of service to your clients.

Let’s look at a real-life situation: client A uses a Google stack, client B a Microsoft stack, and client C has a stack consisting of tools from several technology providers. All of these clients require different reports and want data housed differently. But consolidating it is often not so easy, since technologies from different companies don’t like to talk to one another. This is a common issue in companies of all sizes, and so it reflects onto agencies. Therefore setting up a technology-agnostic environment seems like a basic prerequisite to be able to serve multiple clients successfully.

The red tape and process conundrums required to simply be able to share data in its raw format are hindering client reporting in agencies worldwide. Realistically, there’s not much that can be done to consolidate the technology offering on the client-side, as it will invariably differ across the board. But this situation is also making it increasingly difficult for agencies to provide additional, and more detailed data-centric insights to clients.

Even with the vast array of data that is at the disposal of analytics teams, it is sometimes really tough to tell a coherent story. Sifting through data can be somewhat of a nightmare, as there is not necessarily an obvious place to start when looking at the data in an unstructured form. That’s the real challenge for anyone who works with a large portion of clients who are all within different industries.

Become a part of the solution, not the problem

The opportunity lays within the technology being used on the agency side. Can there be an efficient way of collecting, storing and preparing the data to be sent to its various final destinations? Is there a way that great stories can actually be told? The answer lies within an agnostic technology approach. We always hear of brands and agencies being technology-agnostic to ensure that they are able to work with differing technology stacks and not have all their eggs in one basket so to speak. However, finding a platform that would allow various technologies to talk to one another in a coherent manner brings numerous opportunities.

Using a vendor-agnostic solution for data management and reporting is a valid strategy to try and mitigate the effect of clients using different, often disparate technologies. And this is exactly where Adverity can step in. The entire basis of the platform is designed to bring in a multitude of data sources from a multitude of platforms into a single location. The scope ranges from Advertising and Analytics, through Audience Research to CRM application, and the list goes on. The idea behind this agnostic approach is to bring in the differing data together, unify it in a way to be able to compare it, and get the opportunity to tell a compelling story with this aggregated data.

Leverage the intelligence behind aggregated data

Having all this data at hand presents a large opportunity for any agency. Comparing data sets across product/service industries can provide so many learnings, as patterns become easier to spot, and trends become easier to identify. Thereafter compelling case studies can be built to highlight the added value that an agency can truly provide to a client. In addition, it can act as a tool to free up time for analytics and reporting teams to be able to derive more significant and compelling insight from the data.

As I discussed in my last piece about AI being used as a tool to free up agency resources, it’s a similar story here. Providing more value to clients has never been more important and working on a vendor-agnostic platform is a way in which this can be achieved. Showcasing great work has always been a key element of an agency performing at its best, and furthermore it provides brands the assurance that they are working with the best in class organization.

If indeed you feel as though your technology stacks could talk to each other in a simpler way and in turn want to tell better stories with your data, please reach out to Adverity. We can help collate and unify your data, we can help visualize your data and we can also help to auto-optimize your data. Collect the data, tell the story and showcase your best work, with the help of our platform.

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