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Blog / Adverity Offering a New Home for Alooma Users

Adverity Offering a New Home for Alooma Users

In one of the biggest recent news stories from the cloud-focused tech world: Google is acquiring Alooma as part of the tech giant’s plans to further expand its footprint in the industry.

What does this mean for Alooma users?

While Google has said the existing Alooma product will continue to support its cloud competitors, users are likely to face a few additional barriers in the future.

Existing Alooma customers currently using non-Google destinations, like Microsoft Azure and AWS Redshift, cannot expect them to be fully maintained going forward. Assuming connectivity with their infrastructure may no longer receive the same level of maintenance in the near future, those customers may have to find a new platform in order to future-proof their business.

“We are very excited about the rapid changes happening in the data and tech industry. It seems like cloud wars are accelerating and every major cloud storage provider wants to make it as intriguing as possible to migrate your data to their ecosystem,” says Alexander Igelsböck, CEO and Co-Founder of Adverity. “We know from our daily conversations with partners and clients, that executives value a long-term vision for their data business and appreciate flexibility on their data ownership strategy. We want to provide this vision to existing Alooma customers by offering an attractive alternative to their existing setup: a reliable, flexible and future-proof solution by Adverity.”

Our Solution to Alooma Users

Adverity invites current Alooma users to try our platform free-of-charge until the end of your existing contract - for a maximum period of six months. Of course, the Adverity team is happy to help you with the migration process. Send us a message to to discuss this further and get on board.

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