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Blog / Adverity’s Marketing Intelligence Software Partners up with Google Data Studio

Adverity’s Marketing Intelligence Software Partners up with Google Data Studio

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Google Data Studio, which allows for a seamless connection between Adverity DataTap and Google’s dashboarding and reporting platform.

This means that data-driven marketers can leverage their entire online media, marketing and e-commerce ecosystems in seconds. It’s no longer necessary to switch between multiple platforms to get access to your data. Instead, Adverity DataTap can provide you with a continuous stream of high-quality data that is ready to use in Google Data Studio - no more tedious manual data wrangling; more time for unlocking those all-important insights!

By harnessing the powerful data transformation capabilities of Adverity DataTap alongside the visualisation and reporting opportunities of Google Data Studio, you’ll be better equipped to uncover valuable insights from your marketing activities, understand the true drivers of your success and improve your return on advertising expenditure.

What’s more, you can easily present your findings through highly informative and digestible dashboards and reports that can be easily shared with colleagues and clients. Not only will marketers benefit from empowered decision-making through the exploration of highly granular data, they can expect huge upturns in efficiency compared to manual approaches to reporting.

What is Google Data Studio?

Data Studio is a data visualisation and reporting platform for producing customisable and shareable reports and dashboards. Analytics dashboards help facilitate improved understanding of your marketing performance and support you to make better decisions.

With a free version of Data Studio available, marketers shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the platform; it’s not a sub-standard freebie. In fact, it valiantly competes with payable dashboarding services. It's a highly sophisticated data visualisation and dashboarding platform that enables you to uncover compelling marketing insights in seconds. Coupled with the advanced data integration and harmonisation capabilities of Adverity DataTap, users will be able to analyse a continual stream of real-time granular data. Any marketers looking for an inexpensive data integration and visualisation setup will be hard-pressed to find such an unbeatable duo.

Connecting your data with Google Data Studio

The times of manually pushing your data into Google Data Studio are gone. Users can simply copy a token and paste this in our partner connector. In turn, Data Studio is able to access all data streams that have been made available.

To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Destination for Google Data Studio:   
    Choose to integrat your clean data with Google Data Studio
  2. Select a Datastream you want to load into Data Studio, before hitting ‘Save’ and then copy the Access Link.
  3. Switch to Google Data Studio, hit the (+ sign) and then select our partner connector.
    Select Adverity's data integration service
  4. Paste the Access Link and click on ‘Connect’ (in the top-right corner).
    Provide Google Data Studio with access to Adverity's data integration service
  5. On the next screen, you’ll be able to adapt data types should you wish to do so. DataTap will forward most data types and convert dates automatically as defined in Data Schema. Once this process has been completed, click ‘Create Report’ and you are ready to go.

With Adverity and Google Data Studio by your side, reporting doesn’t need to be time-consuming

One of the main problems facing marketers nowadays is that they are spending too much of their time collecting, normalising, standardising and reporting findings from their data.

The traditional and now defunct method of doing this was to first manually compile your different data streams into an Excel spreadsheet. The data must then be harmonised into a consistent format that permits cross-channel analysis. Only once these stages have been completed can you look to start generating insights and gaining a deeper understanding of your datasets. That's before we've even thought about the work required to create reports to share with your colleagues or clients. Before long, your data is outdated and the whole tedious process must be repeated.

Using spreadsheets for reporting on marketing performance is a frankly outdated method that can never be considered a good use of any marketer's time. It's a painful process fraught with an array of potential errors and inaccuracies. However, this frustration has given rise to a more sophisticated means for marketing data analysis. Indeed, marketers now have an array of marketing analytics platforms to choose from. One of our personal favourites, Google Data Studio, is helping lead the way towards a brighter future for all you data crunchers out there.

The solution couldn’t be clearer

The goal for Adverity is and has always been to work with all your media, marketing and e-commerce ecosystems, our innovative platform enables you to connect and work with your entire media in the blink of an eye.

With Adverity DataTap working quietly by your side, you can expect instant access to all your cleaned data that's ready to be used in Google Data Studio. Not only will this enable you to produce accurate and up-to-date reports in next to no time, but you can also expect further efficiency gains from data being presented in a way that can be easily understood by any stakeholder - supporting you in your efforts to garner a comprehensive mutual understanding between you and your client


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