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"A universal marketing schema for all of our client data.

Adverity lets our analysts source data and provide client focused reporting faster than ever. No more client specific data processes or reporting. Our analysts can be significantly more efficient and effective."

Blog / Adverity Receives Investment From Speedinvest, aws Gründerfonds And 42cap

Adverity Receives Investment From Speedinvest, aws Gründerfonds And 42cap

Today, we are very happy to get closer to achieving our ambitious goals. With investments from speedinvest, aws Gründerfonds and 42cap, we will be able to enhance our product features and tackle the challenge of international expansion. We want to use this occasion to say: Thanks for your confidence in us!

Adverity was founded on the belief that data can radically improve how brands and customers connect and interact with each other. We are more than happy that, after two years of hard work, we have lots of happy customers, a great product, and investors who believe in the future of our company.

Every day, our team is working passionately to revolutionise the way the marketing and media industry is working. By using smart data from hundreds of sources, customizable tools and user-friendly environments we want to power the next generation of media agencies and marketing departments.

What's next for Adverity?

  • Powering our company’s growth with focused marketing efforts: Want to learn about smart data, marketing dashboards or data-driven advertising? Go ahead and check out our blog
  • Our team is growing quickly: If you want to be a part of it, take a look at our career section
  • Our international efforts have already started with new offices in London and Frankfurt. Of course, the HQ stays in lovely Vienna
  • Focus on our products, enhancing features, improving usability to make our clients more productive
  • Continue to build the most complete API database for Adverity, our cloud-based ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) platform powers all our tools and feeds them with our client data
  • One of our key milestones lies closely ahead of us: The next generation of data exploration tool that let's you mine and wrangle your marketing data easily. More on this soon!
  • And of course: Making sure to improve the daily lives of our happy customers

Do you have any questions about Adverity or our tools? Would you like to have a trial to experience the possibilities of our tools yourself? Write us a comment or book a demo!

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