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Blog / What Marketers Need to Do Once the Holiday Season Is Over

What Marketers Need to Do Once the Holiday Season Is Over

Once the holiday campaigns end, marketers may think they can sit back, relax and pat themselves on the back for pulling through the busy season - but wait! There's more to do.

There are still a few things marketers need to do after the holiday season to make sure they are getting the most from their campaigns. Don’t worry, this time it’s just three tips!

If you haven’t already, check out our previous blogs on effective planning before the holiday season and what to do during the holiday season. You can also click here to download a handy infographic that covers all the key holiday planning tips we’ve covered in our series.

Otherwise, read on to discover how to maximize the value from your holiday campaigns, after they have finished!

Survey customers to see what worked

Holiday season wins don’t end when the year comes to a close. All those purchases that occurred during the holidays? These are perfect opportunities to learn more about your customers, such as what motivated them to buy.

Send incentivized follow-up surveys to customers so you can gain deeper insights to guide future campaigns. Of course, not everyone will answer these surveys, but offering incentives such as a discount will increase the likelihood of responses.

Keep engaging with customers to lift Q1 2022 sales

Engagement is the number one way to fight the sales lull that occurs right after the holidays. To combat this, successful marketers use RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) metrics to target those who are most likely to come back again sooner.

Measure it all again

As we’ve mentioned throughout this series, everything comes back to data. For advertisers, this year’s holiday data becomes the key to a powerful year to come. The loop closes in 2021 but opens in 2022 as marketers analyze performance to optimize future advertising towards the best-performing channels.

A service like Adverity, which pulls data from various sources into a single platform, will make complex data easy to analyze. Confused about what to measure? Take a look here for some key metrics to keep in mind.

That’s it for our holiday planning series. We hope you found it useful and hopefully aren’t too overwhelmed. Remember, when it comes to planning and executing holiday campaigns, it’s never too late to adjust and adapt tactics. Every approach depends on data, but even more essentially, capturing customers’ share of wallet across the holidays takes real-time monitoring and competitive adaptation.

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