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Blog / How to Avoid Headless Chicken Marketing with Mindshare

How to Avoid Headless Chicken Marketing with Mindshare

Here are the 5 key takeaways from our chat with Mindshare’s Jhon van der Ceelen on how to properly formulate and connect KPIs.

Last week, we had a great chat with the fantastic Jhon van der Ceelen, Business Intelligence Director Data & Technology at Mindshare, on how to avoid headless chicken marketing and connect your KPIs across your whole organization.

Don’t worry if you missed it! Below are our 5 key takeaways and you can also watch the full webinar here.

1. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

But what if you’re measuring the wrong thing? “Choosing KPIs is like riding a bike - you need to learn where you want to go in order to move forward,” says Van Der Ceelen.


2. KPIs are often disconnected across an organization

There are business KPIs, marketing KPIs, sales KPIs - but often these are completely unconnected and do not relate to each other. Worse, they no longer connect with the consumer.


“Don’t be a headless chicken and just throw your KPIs in the middle - set them properly!“

- Jhon van der Ceelen, Business Intelligence Director Data & Technology at Mindshare



3. Connecting KPIs from top to bottom is a priority

Work out a KPI mapping framework so everyone understands, from specialist to CEO, how these KPIs are connected. Begin with your business KPIs, then build your marketing KPIs, and then look at your customer journey.


4. Current thinking of customer journeys is too simplistic

Things like ‘touch, tell, sell, share’ are too clustered - “No consumer ever actually works like that!” says Van Der Ceelan. Every journey is different, but you should drill down into yours and work out those stages in detail - not just big clusters.


5. Then you can start measuring!

Once you ‘ve got your KPIs in order, then you can start collecting your data into a single source of truth - and this time, you will know what you are measuring and how that connects with every level of your business. 

Check out the full webinar here


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