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Blog / 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Adverity - Answered!

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Adverity - Answered!

You know how things go these days: no matter what you offer or what you do, people tend to ask a lot of questions. With the rise of social media and user-generated content, the sheer number of questions - many of them unanswered - about various products and services is growing exponentially. Just take a look at any product page on Amazon, detailed descriptions and reviews are often not enough to answer all the questions that we, as users, have.

At Adverity, things are not much different. We work hard, day-in and day-out, to provide our clients with great data marketing solutions - from data collection to analysis and reporting. While we’re updating and tweaking our features list on an ongoing basis, we encounter lots of burning questions from both our clients and prospective users. This is why we want to take the time to answer them as well as we can. And so, here goes.

1. “I work for a brand / media agency and we are looking for a (long-term) solution to structure all our marketing data. Can you help us?”

Well…YES! We are experts in marketing data and offer a solution especially designed for your marketing data issues. Enabling us to help you overcome two of the most pressing challenges of data integration. Adverity DataTap can clean and harmonise your data, so it can be seamlessly integrated into your BI tools and data warehouses. It's automated, fast-paced and built from the ground up for your marketing needs.

Adverity Insights allows you to explore, visualise and analyse your data. Keep tabs on your marketing performance by continually comparing and optimising ongoing campaigns and calculate their ROI.

2. “Do you have access to data source XYZ?”

Our API database consists of over 250 connectors - which we believe is one of the largest data connector libraries on the market - covering all major advertising and analytics sources. Visit our data connector page to see if the marketing tools you use are listed.

And if not? Don’t worry. We have always found a way to process our clients’ data regardless of where it is stored and whatever form it takes. We have a long history of creating our own API connectors to different data sources. With the help of our software, not only can you have all of your data available under a central marketing hub, but your data will also be cleaned and harmonised.

3. “My data comes in a number of different formats. How do I handle that?”

It’s totally understandable that when using multiple marketing and business analytics platforms, your data will be in a variety of different formats. We know the difficulties marketers face and have developed a solution to overcome this. Simply upload your data and we'll take care of the legwork. With the help of our platform, we’ll clean and normalise your data - giving you full control over your data, so that it can be ready to analyse and compare.

4. “My datasets are both from our marketing and sales departments. Can I integrate them all?”

Even though we focus a lot on data crunching in marketing, our goal is to make it easier for multiple teams within an organisation to share and analyse data in real time. Therefore, if you'd like to analyse sales data alongside advertising data, this certainly isn’t a problem for Adverity!

With our tools, you are able to integrate data from different sources and analyse it on the go. Adverity dashboards also make it possible to share data with relevant stakeholders (like between your sales and marketing teams) to make sure there are no duplicates, as well as no missing or incoherent data.

5. “Can I customise my dashboard?”

You can - and this is the beauty of Adverity dashboards! Getting all of your relevant data in one place and getting it cleaned and harmonised is one thing, but finding the right bits of information among it is even more complicated. With our Insights tool, however, you can customise your dashboards, add a variety of visualisations and connect the dots between your numbers. In the end it is easy to track your marketing performance in real-time and connect the right data, in the right dashboards for the right people. Also, sharing your dashboards became faster and more intuitive than ever. Easy peasy, no?

6. “All of my historical data is in spreadsheets. Can I use them with your tools?"

Yes! All you need to do is upload your spreadsheets to our platform. We'll take it from there - processing all your data to generate a clean data stack. Once this process has been completed, you will be able to work with your data in any way you wish - including analysing, visualising and optimising campaigns.

7. “What are the costs of your services?”

Well, here’s an answer that you may have expected: it depends. Our clientele is very diverse and includes big international brands, media agencies and small start-ups.

Our pricing is dependent on a number of factors and our sales-team is happy find the perfect configuration for your needs and prepare a custom proposal.

Please feel free to give us a call on +43 1 8903155 or get in touch via hello@adverity.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss on how Adverity can make your life better.

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