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Blog / New to Adverity: the Adobe Marketing Cloud API

New to Adverity: the Adobe Marketing Cloud API

We're pleased to announce the Adobe Marketing Cloud API as the latest addition to our ever-increasing list of preconfigured data connectors.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud provides a series of integrated digital marketing solutions to help you organise, access, and personalise your marketing content. Determine which campaigns have resonated best with your audience so you can consistently deliver the best experiences for each of your current and prospective customers.

Our advanced marketing data analytics platform allows you to easily connect and work with your entire marketing and e-commerce ecosystems. Put data from all your marketing tools at your fingertips!

Your data will then be normalised, harmonised and transformed - with your newly created clean data stack available to import into your business intelligence tools or database platform using one single API.

Our goal is simple. We want to provide the highest quality marketing visualisation software with the most comprehensive API library and data processing capabilities on the market. We're here to help you improve the efficiency of your reporting and empower your decision making.

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If there's any additional APIs you'd like us to make available to use with Adverity, please let us know in the comments below.

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