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Blog / How MediaCom Improved their Efficiency in Reporting & Analytics by 75%

How MediaCom Improved their Efficiency in Reporting & Analytics by 75%

Adverity powers all kind of advertisers and agencies around the globe - from local heroes to multinational enterprises. We are proud to share the following the success story of our client MediaCom, who leverages Adverity Datatap in order to improve their efficiency across their global operations.

MediaCom is one of the world’s largest media agencies with 125 offices and over 7,000 employees. As part of the global leading GroupM and WPP network, MediaCom is a proven expert in planning, executing and measuring cross-media marketing strategies on a large scale.

As a large global media agency, MediaCom offers a variety of services to their clients - from strategic consultation to the execution of ROI-driven digital campaigns.

"Speed. Reliability. Transparency. Adverity delivered on this promise on a global scale."

Lowell Simpson, Global CIO, MediaCom

The Challenge

In an ever-increasing digital marketing landscape, agencies are facing a growing number of challenges - from mastering each and every new platform, to generating powerful insights from marketing campaigns.

Similarly, client expectations have been revised upwards; advertising partners are no longer content with a short Excel report detailing impressions and clicks. In this data-driven world, understanding user behaviour through correlations and attributions is crucial to evaluating a campaign's performance.

MediaCom's CIO told us in our first meeting:

“We have highly-skilled analysts, who spend too much time trying to find the right data and maintain the data supply chain. We have to be highly efficient to meet the demands of our clients”.

Only through automation, professional API maintenance and seamless, secure client account management, MediaCom’s teams are now able to focus their attention on what's really important: getting the most out of their clients’ marketing data and providing meaningful insights.

Download the PDF case study

The three main objectives

Powered by Adverity, MediaCom is able to achieve the following targets:





Automated integration of marketing data at scale: over 150 global online and offline sources




Transform & harmonise all campaign data into a consistent structure across all global and local clients, time zones and currencies



Real-time data provisioning to Mediacom’s Business Intelligence and Analytics solution to significantly reduce workload on campaign analytics and client reports

"For years, we have been working on smoothing the data management for our worldwide teams. We want them to focus on the leadership role in managing complexity and thinking systemically, seeing the bigger picture and focusing entirely on the success of our clients. Adverity really helped us concentrate our resources on what’s important by automating the entire data integration process - from the acquisition, harmonisation to provision. We wanted to optimise the whole system and not only single silos"

Lowell Simpson, Global CIO, MediaCom


Automated Data Integration & Harmonisation Process

Adverity provided the perfect solution for MediaCom, given that the platform was built with marketers and agency executives in mind.

The data integration platform allows MediaCom to integrate all of their client data on the fly, while harmonising them into a consistent structure across all teams at the same time.

MediaCom is now equipped with a highly scalable central hub to easily provide reliable real-time data, reliable and in real-time, for all their clients.

Data can be enriched through highly intuitive logic to help maximise the insights they generate on behalf of their clients.

MediaCom’s targets were met by Adverity’s vision: creating smart data sets to maximise the output from the team's analytics efforts.

Client data sources included major global advertising and social networks, as well as market research institutes, local e-commerce platforms, niche technology providers and a number of custom solutions for client-specific data sources.

Infrastructure on a global scale

Fast, reliable and easy to scale. Thanks to Adverity’s advanced technical capabilities the global implementation was quickly set up and running. Three different instances for EU, NA and APAC guarantee fast connections for all teams involved.

In terms of storage and processing, MediaCom decided to host Adverity on their own cloud infrastructure to ensure scalable processes and enough resources for large data sets.

For further improved efficiency, all data will be leveraged through one Adverity API, ensuring that only updated information will be passed through to Mediacom’s data warehouse. The process is embedded into Mediacom’s business infrastructure and can be managed and configured by its business intelligence teams to adapt data streams manually when needed.

"We're very proud to help maximise MediaCom's efficiency when working with their clients' data. We built our tool from the ground up for media agencies and so we were able to offer a tailor made solution for their needs."

Alexander Igelsböck, CEO & Co-Founder, Adverity GmbH


MediaCom has benefited greatly from automated data integration, which has helped to free up a lot of resources. Instead of spending too much time leveraging large data sets, MediaCom's resources are now more heavily concentrated on generating actionable insights and - due to the open nature of the Adverity platform - creating added value from their data. Communication, cooperation and analytics within the company also have significantly improved: there is great impact by creating a single source of truth as everybody is working with the same set of data for reporting, visualisation, data science and econometric modeling.

The Benefits

  • BI-ready data stack across all clients and sources that's always up to date.
  • Time needed to build an integrated data set for new clients has been reduced by 75%.
  • 60% less time needed for client reports compared to manual data acquisition.
  • Automated data integration means it's no longer necessary to switch between multiple accounts to get access to data.
  • Time granted to data exploration has increased significantly as a result of freeing up team resources.
  • Complete transparency across data and processes along the data supply chain.

"Adverity is able to prove their excellence in leveraging the big data needs for a highly agile company like MediaCom. Their ability to provide cleaned and harmonised data - in a very transparent way - caused a huge spark in our productivity"

David O'Neill, Global Data Solutions Manager, MediaCom

Download the PDF case study

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