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Automated data integration and transformation. Integrate your data sources, including media, marketing and e-commerce platforms. Leverage clean and highly granular datasets to Google Cloud services using a single API.

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What is the Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud-based computing services. This includes data storage, analytics and machine learning. The platform includes the products such as Google BigQuery and Google App Engine. Google also uses the same platforms for its own end-users products, including Google Search and YouTube.

Unrivalled data quality and granularity through automated ETL

Our ETL platform is equipped with a powerful harmonisation engine that transforms your data into a consistent format. This enables you to connect previously siloed data streams and perform deeper analyses of your datasets.

Start generating powerful new insights into your marketing and sales performance. Promote agile data-driven decision making to improve your ROI.

Data integration and visualisation software
Create reports and generate unprecedented insights

Generate shareable marketing and sales reports with colleagues and stakeholders

Adverity promotes a more efficient and dynamic approach to reporting. Uncover insights through a complete visual overview of your marketing and sales performance.

Adverity’s ETL software offers a seamless connection with the Google Cloud. Once your cleaned and harmonised data has been shipped and available in under one central hub, there’s no need to switch between different platforms to get access to all your data. Your data is ready to explore and visualise.

Why you should choose Adverity

Adverity is a highly scalable solution designed to grow with your organisation. Integrate data from all your platforms. We maintain an extensive library of pre-configured APIs and data connectors.

If our library currently doesn’t offer an API connection that you need, we’ll ensure it’s available to use after you sign up!


Automating the full data integration workflow and having a central hub to interact and work with our data is key to making sound decisions in the fast-paced marketing industry.

Rudolf Sieger, CIO at Group M Austria & Switzerland


We’re trusted by leading brands and agencies across many different sectors

Our growing clientele includes many leading advertisers, agencies, SMEs and ambitious startups.

Seamless connectivity to all your data sources

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