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Enrich your profiles in Adobe Analytics with Adverity

Adobe Analytics allows you to analyze marketing data gathered from all your sources using Adverity quickly and easily.

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  • Bring all your siloed data under one roof to deliver timely insights.
  • Visualize your website data with all your other marketing, sales, and customer data.
  • Quickly harmonize and transform your data into high-quality data sets
Why Adverity and Adobe Analytics?

Analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey with Adobe Analytics and Adverity. Adverity automatically sends clean and connected data from all your marketing sources to Adobe Analytics. Say goodbye to manual data wrangling, thanks to our powerful transformation engine. By automatically cleaning and sending all your marketing data to one central platform, Adverity lets you skip logging into multiple platforms to access data that is ready to be explored, visualized, and presented in easily digestible reports.

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What is Adobe Analytics?
With Adobe Analytics you can mix, match, and analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey. Adobe Analytics is an active destination, meaning that every time Adverity fetches the data from your connectors for harmonization, it will send it directly to your Adobe Analytics account.

Visit the Adobe Analytics website for more information.


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