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Data destination troubles?

We need a way to send data to Azure Synapse analytics.

We want to automate our data integration so it’s refreshed regularly.

We want to compare our data with other channels, data sources, or platforms.

Adverity: your integrated data platform for Azure Synapse

The fastest way to get your data into Azure Synapse

Automated data pipelines, without the fuss

Easily automate the sending of clean, harmonized data directly to Azure Synapse.

Schedule data refreshes and monitor incoming data

Manage all your data operations within a single platform, from scheduling data fetches to authorizing access.

Standardize and combine data with schema mapping

Get the most out of Azure Synapse analytics with advanced data transformations and schema mapping.

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Integrate data in minutes, set the foundations right and send your data to any destination.

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What is Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse Analytics is an analytics platform that gives users the freedom to query data at scale. It is used for cloud data warehousing, dashboarding, and machine learning analytics.

Explore more about Azure Synapse on their official website.


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