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  1. Works with your chosen SQL database
  2. Real-time data delivered to your chosen database
  3. Reducing time to value of marketing efforts

Why Adverity and SQL Database (MySQL/Oracle)?

With Adverity you are able to collect your marketing data together into one single source of truth, harmonizing it ready to be used within the destinations of your choices. By sending your harmonized data into an SQL Database will allow your team to be able to quickly work with the data to generate the insights and track the success of your marketing efforts.

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What is SQL Database (MySQL/Oracle)?

SQL Databases are considered an Active Destination, meaning that everytime Adverity fetches the data from your connectors, for harmonization it will send it directly to your chosen SQL Database. We currently support these SQL databases: Amazon Redshift Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Oracle Postgres SAP HANA Snowflake

Visit the SQL Database (MySQL/Oracle) website for more information.


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