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Data destination problems?

We need a way to send data to Looker Studio.

We want to automate the process so it’s refreshed regularly.

We want to compare our data with other channels, data sources or platforms.

Adverity: your integrated data platform for Looker Studio

Connect, manage, and use your data at scale with Adverity to fully enhance your Looker Studio experience.

Automate data tasks for seamless visualization

Automate the integration of multiple data sources before automatically pushing into Looker Studio.

Schedule data refreshes and monitor incoming data

Manage all your data operation within a single platform as well from scheduling data fetches to authorizing access.

Standardize and combine data with schema mapping

Harmonize all your data with powerful transformations that ensure all your data in Looker is complete and consistent.

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Integrate data in minutes, set the foundations right and send your data to any destination.

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What is Looker Studio?

Looker is a versatile dashboarding and visualization tool that enables teams to craft impactful reports and share them across your organization. As a complimentary addition to your Google Cloud stack, Looker Studio offers a free, accessible solution for data-driven insights.

Explore more about Looker Studio on their official website.


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