Data integration and ETL for Amazon Redshift

Our advanced analytics platform allows you to effortlessly collect and harmonize data from all your media, marketing and e-commerce platforms using a single solution, and send all of this data to your Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

Amazon Redshift

Automated data integration and harmonization for unrivalled data quality

Adverity’s powerful transformation engine ensures that the data you load into Amazon Redshift will be cleaned and presented in a consistent and immediately workable format. It gives you full control over your data without needing to use a single line of code. Connect previously siloed data streams to provide powerful insights.

Data integration and visualisation software
Create reports and generate unprecedented insights

A holistic understanding of your marketing and sales performance

By using Adverity’s ETL module alongside a business intelligence tool, you can blend previously isolated data streams and perform deeper analyses of your data to uncover the true drivers of your company’s success. There’s no need to log into multiple platforms to get access to your data. All your data is readily available under one central platform.

Why use Adverity?

Adverity provides access to an extensive list of pre-built API data connectors to cover all the services you wish to integrate data from. Should we not currently offer an API connector that you need, we’ll make sure it’s available to use when you sign up!

Our platform is highly scalable and designed to grow with your company or agency. This means we’re the ideal data integration solution for businesses of all sizes – both large and small.


The advantages of having a specialised platform like Adverity quickly became clear: we were immediately convinced by the professional API management and the optimised data quality.

Maximilian Nierhoff, Head of Marketing Technology


Adverity is the #1 data integration tool for Amazon Redshift

Schema mapping support

Apply schema mapping and create a harmonized data stream that can be pushed directly to Redshift.

Two-way connectivity

Adverity can also load data directly from Redshift, allowing you to also work within Redshift and send your updated data stack back to Adverity.

Super fast integration

Our default AWS setup offers the fastest possible connectivity, allowing allows users to load data directly from S3 buckets and visualize their data in Adverity.

Support for clusters

Adverity users can use data from their own Redshift clusters in our ETL tool. We’re also able to supply and maintain clusters for you.

Trusted by leading brands and agencies

Our growing list of clients includes many leading advertisers, agencies, global brands, eCommerce portals and many other companies.

Benefit from possibly the largest API data connector library on the market


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Adverity is the #1 platform for data acquisition and visual analytics. Download our brochure to find out why!

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Strategic playbook for data-driven agencies

Learn how to master your client’s data and build a future-proof advertising agency with our free whitepaper.

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Data integration case study

Read how MediaCom, one of the world’s largest media agencies, improved their efficiency in client reporting and analytics by 75%.

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Automated data integration for the online retail industry

Adverity boosted Fashionette’s efficiency. Read to know how we did it. Download the case study here to find out!

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