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SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards, fueled by Adverity

Get thoughtful insights from dynamic reports

Access all your data through a single platform and leverage the power of consolidated data from all your sources in visually appealing and interactive reports done by SAP Analytics Cloud.

Connect ad, website, sales and all other data into a single dashboard that displays the performance of your business and the success rate of your campaigns.

With no effort used on acquiring data, you can spend your time analyzing the data and discovering insights that will help you grow and show value.


Integrate data from all your marketing tools automatically

Forget about manual data wrangling, and introduce automated data acquisition and transformation into your daily work with the Adverity engine.

Move all consolidated data into the SAP BI platform and start making informed decisions based on up-to-date, consolidated data.

With your new automated reporting capabilities you can invest more time into seeking new opportunities for advancements and getting new ideas that could improve your business.

Hundreds of connectors to all your data sources


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