ETL for the top BI Tools

Our ETL tool integrates data from all your media, marketing and e-commerce sources. Leverage your cleaned datasets to the BI platform or third-party tool of your choosing with a single API. Visualise and explore granular data to uncover powerful new insights. Take your marketing and sales performance to the next level.

Adverity can ship your clean data to any destination.

Explore clean and harmonised data in Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

As part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Data Studio is a powerful free analytics tool that allows its users to create branded reports and interactive customisable dashboards from their data.

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Import data into Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheets application where users can create, update and modify spreadsheets online - and share it with others in real-time. It integrates seamlessly with the other Google applications in the G-Suite.

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Data integration for Looker


Powerful data-discovery software with an emphasis on data exploration. The cloud-based application focuses on a variety of business intelligence use cases and helps its users understanding their company's clients and business better.

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ETL tool for Neustar


With a whole range of cloud bases services, Neustar offers marketing and IT professionals a whole suite of business solutions: from improving marketing effectiveness to actionable risk & fraud intelligence.

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ETL platform for Power BI

Power BI

Cloud-based BI service tailored for the needs of modern enterprises, IT professionals and business analysts. Its seamless integration with other Microsoft apps and cloud services is its greatest strength.

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ETL tool for Qlik


Qlik is a leading global vendor with a product family of flexible BI apps, specialised in data visualisation, visual data discovery and self-service dashboarding and reporting software products.

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ETL software for ScanmarQED


A powerful marketing platform that offers marketing mix modelling, data transformation as well as analytics dashboards. The Dutch company offers consulting, data management and cloud solutions for marketers, researchers and agencies.

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Integrate all your data into Tableau


Tableau is a powerful business intelligence suite with award-winning visualisation possibilities. Users can create and share interactive dashboards that are populated with data from a variety of big data sources.

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