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Rank Ranger is a SEO and marketing platform for search, competitive intelligence, traffic, brand and social analytics. Primarily designed for agencies, it is also widely used by companies as an in-house SEO solution for monitoring and optimization.

This online marketing platform tracks and monitors organic, local, mobile, app and video rankings on search engines, validates and monitors backlink data, and includes integration of marketing metrics from a wide variety of third-party software and services.

Besides the usual interface, Rank Ranger offers a 100% white label solution, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity among digital marketing agencies – they use it to track and improve the SEO rankings and web performance of their clients.

Get the most out of Rank Ranger with Adverity

Our custom-built data connector allows you to get all relevant data from Rank Ranger with just a single API call. This way you can automate your weekly or monthly client reporting on SEO improvements, and add information from other sources too.

If you’re an agency, you can benefit from using Adverity by automating your data acquisition, and creating a single location for all data coming from all SEO tools, Advertising platforms, website tracking tools, and all other data sources that demonstrate the overall web performance of your clients.

If you’re a brand, combining all your SEO data along with performance data from advertising and website analytics platforms into a single database, and connecting it with sales data from your CRM, would largely simplify and accelerate establishing of the ROI of all your marketing activities. Also, you can track the SEO performance of your competitors and do a comparison with your results.

With our data connector, you can get the following key performance information from Rank Ranger:

  • current rank,
  • average rank,
  • Google SERP indicators,
  • domain authority,

and many more.

All of this data can be segmented by campaign name, domain, landing page, search engine, keyword, and other fields in standard Rank Ranger reports.