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Why Adverity and Facebook Page Insights?

With Adverity you are able to automatically gather your Facebook Page Insights data into a single source of truth. You are able to then align this with


  1. Learn what your audience is engaging with
  2. Understand the reach of your page
  3. Get an overview of when your audience is engaging with you

Want to learn more about setting up the connector and its functionality?

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What is Facebook Page Insights?

Visit the Facebook Page Insights website for more information.


Facebook Page Insights allows you to gain insights into what your audience is engaging with, how your page is received, and the success of your Facebook posts.

With these insights, you will be able to learn what posts your audience is engaging with, and the reach you have achieved. This allows you the opportunity to adapt to ensure that you succeed in your activities.

Uncover real-time insights into your marketing campaign performance.

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