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Add your Apple Search Ads data into a single source of truth for all your marketing data

Apple Search Ads help your app get discovered, Adverity connects automatically to deliver your data to where you need it.

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Sample report types

Keyword report

Campaign performance report

Ad group performance report

Search term report

Why Adverity and Apple Search Ads?
With Adverity you can pull this powerful data together with data from all your other marketing data sources to give you insights surrounding your apps. You will be able to track your performance against your key metrics, quickly and easily pulling data together to ensure your reporting is always up to date.
  • Search term reporting
  • Skyrocket SEO performance
  • Discover your ROI and performance

Want to learn more about setting up the connector and its functionality?

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What is Apple Search Ads?

‘70% of App Store visitors use search to find their next app.’ (Source: App Store data from all Apple Search Ads countries and regions in 2020.)

Apple Search Ads are a brilliant way to get your app seen on the Appstore, they allow you to target key markets easily and quickly. They can help drive the adoption of your app and deliver powerful insights into the performance of your ads.

Visit the Apple Search Ads website for more information.


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