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Why Adverity and Facebook Ads (Meta)?

With Adverity’s Facebook Ads API, you can automatically export Facebook Ads data from your Facebook advertising dashboard,  combine it with other marketing data, and send it to any desired destination for further analysis or storage.

Single source of truth

Use our Data Mapping functionality to combine your Facebook Ads (Meta) data with other data sources and create cross-channel dashboards.

Optimize for growth

Make data driven decisions in real-time based on data you can trust.

Data where you need it

Send your data anywhere you need it or keep it in Adverity’s secure data storage.

Combine your Facebook Ads (Meta) data with data from multiple sources

With more than 600 prebuilt connectors as well as the option to custom build new connectors, combine your Facebook Ads (Meta) data with any other data source you need.

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Transform, Harmonize, and Enhance

Apply no-code enrichments in seconds or build your own customized transformations to fully enhance and harmonize your Facebook Ads (Meta) data into a single source of truth.

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share your data

Share data your way

Manage all your data centrally and transfer it wherever it's needed — whether for storage, activation, or visualization.

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Adverity features

Best in business data integration

Connect to any data source you need with one of the most sophisticated automated data integration platforms available.

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Unrivaled data transformation options

Choose from a range of data transformations that scale in complexity - from simple transformation templates to flexible python/regex-based instructions that can be used sequentially.

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Powerful and intelligent automation

Utilize smart automation tools to efficiently conduct advanced data operations fast and at scale.

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Data governance built-in

Easily ensure data quality and completeness and manage access across the entire business - all from a single place.

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Built-in storage and instant access to data

Immediately visualize and explore your data within the platform for faster time to insights.

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Integrate with your wider tech stack

From BI tools to big data storage or apps, send data wherever you need it and easily integrate into your existing tech stack.

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Unlock the power of Facebook Ads (Meta) API data with Adverity.

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What is Facebook Ads (Meta)?


Report types

  • Account performance
  • Account reach (daily, monthly, lifetime)
  • Ad performance results
  • Ad report (age & gender, country, device, publishing platform, region)
  • Campaign performance report
  • Campaign reach (daily, monthly, lifetime)

Want to learn more about Facebook Ads?

Check out episode 1 of our podcast series The Undiscovered Metric with expert Mitesh Lakhani on how to get the most out of your Facebook Ads data.

Uncover real-time insights into your marketing campaign performance.

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