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Add programmatic advertising data from Google Display and Video 360 to your reporting dashboards

Bring together all your data from Google Display and Video 360 with data from all your other marketing sources into a centralized, integrated analytics platform.

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Why Adverity and Google Display & Video 360?

With the endless possibilities for targeting, bidding, auction types, and much more comes the creation of a massive amount of data to look at on a regular basis. This is where Adverity can help to automatically pull this data together into a single source of truth, allowing you to get insights in minutes without having to manually log in and upload all your data.

You can then send your clean, connected data to your chosen visualization or storage tool, such as Google BigQuery.

  • Precision targeting
  • Key performance metrics
  • ROI and budgeting metrics

Want to learn more about setting up the connector and its functionality?

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What is Google Display & Video 360?
Google Display and Video 360 (Google DV360) offers a variety of features for advertisers to target their audience with display ads. The targeting possibilities of the DV360 are almost unlimited. DV360 can access a wide range of first-party data such as your Google Ads lists, Analytics 360 audiences, YouTube audiences, manual cookie uploads, or even Facebook custom audience data. In conjunction with second-party data, this can enable precision targeting with your ads.

Visit the Google Display & Video 360 website for more information.


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