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Why Adverity and YouTube Analytics?

With Adverity you can pull together the wealth of data that is held in Youtube Analytics with data from other channels to be harmonized and pushed to your chosen visualization tool to give you an impactful and true representation of your marketing efforts.


  1. Seamless integration into your data stack
  2. Pull data quickly, from as little as 60 mins ago
  3. Gain insight into how long people are engaging with your ads

Want to learn more about setting up the connector and its functionality?

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What is YouTube Analytics?

Visit the YouTube Analytics website for more information.

Youtube analytics is a powerful source of data, giving you in-depth insight into how your video and channel perform against your key metrics and goals. Youtube Analytics delivers the data quickly, with you being able to get the data on the performance of a video within 1 hour. This speed and insight into the overall performance of the channel can help you to shape and adjust your strategy to make Youtube a valuable channel for your marketing.

Uncover real-time insights into your marketing campaign performance.

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