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Sample report types

Ad Performance (clicks, likes, shares, impressions, reach)

Budget/ROI (CPA, CPC, CPM, Cost per 1000 impressions)

Creative video engagement

Creative image engagement

Ad group segmentation

Why Adverity and TikTok Ads?

With Adverity you can collect the data created by your TikTok ads including performance, cost, and engagement, and automatically get a full overview of the success you are seeing from your campaign.

This data can then be brought together with all your other social media, paid, and general marketing data to demonstrate to the business the ROI of your marketing efforts and spot opportunities for optimization.


  1. Measure the success of your ads
  2. Track your spend and cost of your ads
  3. Understand what type of creative works for your ads

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What is TikTok Ads?

Visit the TikTok Ads website for more information.


TikTok is the world’s leading short-form video platform with over a billion users globally.* (https://www.tiktok.com/business/en-GB)

TikTok Ads gives you the opportunity to reach millions of people, with a wealth of segmentation options and data, as well as the ability to partner with creators easily to ensure your brand makes its mark on the Tiktok community you are trying to reach.

Uncover real-time insights into your marketing campaign performance.

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