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Optimize cross-channel campaigns from Google Campaign Manager with Adverity

Collect all the key metrics and results from your Google Campaign Manager and align them with data from other sources in one central platform.

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Why Adverity and Google Campaign Manager?

Google Campaign Manager generates a wide variety of granular data that can be accessed on its platform. With Adverity you can pull this data together with data from other offline and digital sources, allowing you to automatically track success against your KPIs and pivot successfully when needed.

You can then push this clean, combined data into the visualization and storage destination of your choice.

  • Manage and track your ads across all google platforms
  • Get daily, weekly or monthly reach insights
  • Evaluate the ROI of your ads

Want to learn more about setting up the connector and its functionality?

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What is Google Campaign Manager?

Google Campaign Manager offers marketers the ability to create, optimize and measure all their cross-channel ads and campaigns on Google.

It serves ads to your target audience working with all of Google’s ad platforms such as DV360 and Google Analytics, to give you a centralized ad management platform.

Visit the Google Campaign Manager website for more information.


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