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Why Adverity and Microsoft Ads?

The Microsoft Advertising API allows tools like Adverity to directly communicate with Microsoft Advertising. This makes it possible to query certain datasets regularly. By automating data integration, you can keep an eye on your favorite metrics without having to take on time-consuming reporting tasks.

Adverity is equipped with the latest Microsoft Advertising API, and its connection is regularly maintained by us. Use the API connector in our Intelligent marketing analytics platform to connect, clean, and normalize data from Microsoft Advertising to improve the quality of your data and the results of your advertising campaigns on this ad platform.


  1. Track the performance of your ads
  2. Gather key ROI metrics
  3. Gain insight into the lead quality

Want to learn more about setting up the connector and its functionality?

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What is Microsoft Ads?

Visit the Microsoft Ads website for more information.


“677 million monthly unique searchers on the Microsoft Search Network and 201 million unique users through native advertising on brand-safe experiences.” (https://ads.microsoft.com/)
Microsoft Advertising is the platform’s self-service solution to run ads on Microsoft’s search engine Bing, and several other search engines.

By including Microsoft Advertising and counting on its ability to reach smaller search engines, advertisers can complete their search engine marketing mix. Brands, eCommerce sites, and agencies can promote their businesses to anyone actively looking for their product.

Uncover real-time insights into your marketing campaign performance.

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