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Why Adverity and Criteo Marketing Solutions?

Criteo and Adverity work together to make your ads work harder for you. Adverity collects and harmonizes campaign data held within Criteo, bringing it together with marketing data from other sources. This in turn highlights key insights and, allows teams to adapt approaches, and be proactive and reactive to market changes.


  1. Visualization made easy
  2. Single source of truth
  3. Understand the performance of your activities

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What is Criteo Marketing Solutions?

Visit the Criteo Marketing Solutions website for more information.

Criteo is a global technology company that powers the world’s marketers and media owners with trusted and impactful advertising through their world-leading Commerce Media Platform. The platform includes a suite of products that activates the world’s largest set of commerce data to drive better commerce outcomes.

Uncover real-time insights into your marketing campaign performance.

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