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How the integration works?

Our analytics platform provides a data connector to the API of Google Trends. You can clean and harmonize your data coming from Google Trends API and and improve the quality of your data. Our solution allows you to combine data from different marketing channels, in one single hub.

With our platform, you can apply real-time analytics to track consumer search behaviors. So that you can make confident and data-driven business decisions. And increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.


Benefits of Google Trends API integration into Adverity


Right content at the right time

Seasonality, the day of the week and other factors can affect search volumes for keywords. Our solution helps you to better plan your publishing schedule.

  • Identify seasonal trends, and how they influence the demand
  • Identify time trends, such as the day of the week or an hour of the day, and understand when your content will perform the best
  • Create and promote the right content at the right time
  • Plan your content publishing schedule easier
  • Increase campaign profitability with improved content planning
Enhanced planning of future content

The long-term view of search terms helps you to make smarter decisions on future direction. Find out what type of content you should focus on.

  • Get insights on a long-term view of keyword search and popular search terms, and plan future actions according to the results
  • Know when it’s the right time to think about shifting content resources
  • Know when it’s the right time to change your content model altogether
  • With the right information, you can create a better strategy. And realign your marketing tactics
Capitalize on relevant trending topics

Find relevant topics that are trending right now, in various countries or regions, and then capitalize on them and increase your conversion rate.

  • Find out what’s holding consumer interest and capitalize on the current conversation, and tailor your content for what they want to hear about
  • Identify the latest trends and hot topics. Create content and shape up your marketing strategy accordingly
  • Refine your SEO strategy by analyzing what people are searching for, and which search terms users type into a search engine when they want to find something specific
  • Optimize your content by integrating trending search terms
Find your audience with geo-targeting

See exactly which countries, cities and subregions need your products or services, and then get laser‐targeted with your SEO strategy.

  • Use geo-targeted marketing to skyrocket the audience engagement
  • Determine what areas are the best to reach out to
  • Recognise areas and regions of high interest
  • Find out what is working and what areas need improvement
  • Find new customers
  • Tailor your content to specific regions
  • Set up effective ad campaigns, whilst helping you target the right audiences
Influence demand of your product

Find out what search terms people are querying on a frequent basis, and find new search term and keyword ideas.

  • Increase traffic to your website by knowing the best performing keywords and search terms
  • Get your company’s websites as high up the listings as possible and attract more visitors
  • Use “related queries” to find new search term and keyword ideas
  • Cut search terms and keywords with low performance
  • Avoid search term and keyword “unicorns” by checking for data‐skewing popularity spikes
Monitor your brand and competitors

Track your marketing performance and discover how much interest is being shown towards your product or brand, but also analyse your competitors’ performance.

  • Discover when the search term is most often looked up and when people interact less with your brand
  • Get a detailed report on how searchable is your product
  • Analyse your competitors. How often their product is being looked up
  • Get a competitive advantage, knowing where you stand in the battle of the search engines
  • Find out how competitors do things differently: How do they rank in searches? What is the public recall of their brand?

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