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What is Criteo marketing?

Criteo is a self-service marketing technology platform that makes it easy for advertisers to execute highly specialized display campaigns. The service enables advertisers to generate highly targeted traffic.
It is an invaluable resource for any company looking to develop a sophisticated remarketing strategy. Dynamic remarketing banners are designed to reach users with relevant messages about previously viewed products. This ensures that relevant traffic that has previously left the site is re-routed to the online store.
Criteo ads have become an essential component of marketing mixes – particularly for e-commerce stores.

The Criteo technology is based on three pillars:

1. Kinetic Design

Ad creative designs are optimized towards driving user engagement and revenue in real-time. Of course, this is done in compliance with the CI guidelines of the advertiser.

2. Product Recommendations

Leverage behavioral data to reach shoppers with personalized recommendations for relevant products that are likely to result in a purchase.

3. Predictive Bidding

Use in-depth data of buyers, publisher websites, inventory and the interactions between them to bid for the ad inventory at the right cost and at the right time.

What is the Criteo Marketing API?

The Criteo API allows data to be retrieved automatically. Our tool has a direct connection to the Criteo Marketing REST API. This allows pre-defined data sets to be added to marketing reports without the need for any manual work. In addition, users can process the data sets directly in Adverity. They can enrich the data, normalize it and change it by applying various transformations.


Benefits of using the Criteo Marketing API

Advertisers can automatically generate updated reports with data from the Criteo platform by using the Criteo API connector in Adverity

The connection comes with three different report types, such as Campaign Performance, Facebook DPA Report or Transaction ID Report

Users can query numerous Metrics, such as clicks, impressions or revenue. Available metrics also include more specialized KPIs, such as exposed users, overall competition win or displays.

Segment your data by multiple possible dimensions, such as Campaign or Advertiser ID

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