What is Drift?

Drift is a popular conversational marketing technology platform, allowing sales teams to interact and connect directly to potential customers. Companies use it to provide additional information to customers in real-time and start meaningful sales conversations.

The Drift platform contain four product lines:

  • Chat
  • Video
  • Email
  • Automation

This platform also delivers an advanced, AI-based chatbot solution, and offers additional support on Account-Based Marketing, scheduling sales meetings, and email deliverability.

How other companies use Adverity?

By integrating data from multiple sources into a single platform, IKEA in Austria managed to introduce data-driven decisions into their daily operations. See the details of this transformation in this video.

Get the most out of Drift with Adverity

We have built a data connector to the Drift API, to allow our users to automatically extract data from Drift and combine it with data coming from other marketing and sales platforms they use.

By extracting the conversations data from Drift and combining it with data from your CRM tool, such as HubSpot, you can fully understand the effect of these conversations on your sales results. You can analyze the data to the level of individual users, to understand which conversation strategies are bringing the most conversions, but also on individual salesperson level, helping you to improve conversion rates and overall sales performance.

You can see on which dates the conversations with each customer were created, how often were they updated, and how much time it took to close the opportunity coming through this conversational channel. Drift offers a feature for tagging conversations, so you can filter your reports based on a certain tag or a group of tags.

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