Other API Connectors

Adverity’s API library also includes pre-configured data connectors for email marketing services, competitor analysis tools, big data platforms and more.

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Adverity’s huge library of preconfigured API connections also includes customer relationship management (CRM) systems, weather data services, communication tools, consumer behaviour platforms and so much more.

Not only does our data integration software enable you to have all your data available at your fingertips, your data will also be cleaned and harmonized so that you can mix and blend data from previously isolated data streams.

If there’s a data connector you require that is not listed below, please let us know and we’ll get it added to our library.

APIs enable different marketing platforms to interact with each other and, in turn, help save marketers valuable time, money and human resources.

Adverity’s next-generation data analytics platform uses APIs to import data from all your favourite marketing tools. We continually maintain our API connector library so that there’s no further groundwork required from our users.

One of the many advantages of APIs is that they allow users to integrate their data without writing a single line of code. Users also have the option to set up automation so that their marketing data can be made available for future use.

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