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Use our API library to effortlessly connect data from web services, databases, cloud-based file sharing platforms, spreadsheets and so much more.

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Our ever-expanding list of API connectors includes a significant number of database providers, web services, cloud-based file sharing platforms, spreadsheets and so much more.

Have we missed anything? If there’s a data connector we’ve yet to account for, let us know and we’ll get it added to the library when you sign up.

APIs make it easy for different marketing tools to communicate with each other – helping to save marketers valuable time, money and human resources.

Our next-generation data analytics platform uses APIs to import data from different marketing tools. We maintain our API connector library meaning there’s no further groundwork required from our users.

One of the benefits of APIs is that users can integrate their marketing data without having to write a single line of code. Once on-boarded, your marketing data can be made available for future use through automation.

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