Gain competitive intelligence by using the SimilarWeb API

Integrate and analyze all your data from the SimilarWeb API and other sources in Adverity.


What is SimilarWeb?

Who are my competitors, how much traffic do they get and from where?

If you want to run a successful business, you need to build a profound understanding of your market segment. For this you should get an exact picture of your competitors. Which players are active in the market environment, how many visitors do they register on their website and what are their most important traffic sources?

SimilarWeb is an absolutely recommendable tool for competitive intelligence. Founded in Israel and based in London, the IT company has been providing web analysis services based on its own technology since 2012/13. There is an open and free basic version of SimilarWeb with which you can get a good first impression of the functional range of the tool. For a well-founded CI analysis one should therefore think about a PRO account.

SimilarWeb uses data from four sources to calculate their data set:

  1. Data from millions of anonymous users of apps, browser plug-ins and desktop extensions
  2. Data from global and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  3. Data measured from traffic from selected websites and intended for specialized estimation algorithms
  4. Data from numerous crawlers searching the entire web

What is the SimilarWeb API?

Our direct API connection to SimilarWeb enables analysts to reduce the manual effort required to access data about their competitors. The SimilarWeb API enables apps like Adverity to communicate directly with the SimilarWeb platform. This enables regular and automatic retrieval of relevant datasets. Adverity allows users to enrich, transform and normalize these datasets. Finally, relevant information can be added to your marketing report stack.

Adverity and SimilarWeb

Benefits of using the SimilarWeb API


Integrate data from SimilarWeb to your competitive intelligence dashboards to get a complete picture of your competitor’s traffic sources and many other competitor metrics


Metrics such as industry traffic shares, monthly competitor visits or top traffic sources can be queried automatically without any ongoing manual effort.

competitors entering market

Stay up to date with new competitors entering the market by using the functionality of similar websites.

industry trends

Identify trends within your industry and create predictive models to validate future investments.

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