Connect, normalize and analyze TV advertising data from AdScanner with Adverity Datatap – our marketing data integration platform

Adscanner API

API Connectors > Analytics > AdScanner

Adverity Datatap is equipped with an API connector for AdScanner.

AdScanner allows you to uncover valuable new insights into your TV campaigns by answering three primary questions:
– Who is advertising what, how much are they spending and when?
– What is being watched by audiences?
– How does this influence business KPIs?

Adscanner analyses the performance of TV advertising in real-time – providing clients with event-based notifications, raw data, reports and cockpit solutions.

You can use our ETL tool to integrate and normalize data from AdScanner and all other sources. Through improved data quality, Adverity empowers you to perform cross-channel analyses – employing data from formerly isolated streams. Claim a live demo of Adverity to start uncovering powerful new insights into your marketing performance.

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