Retail and Commerce API Connector Library

Adverity Datatap is equipped with a huge library of pre-configured API data connectors to all popular retail and e-commerce platforms.

API Connectors > Retail

With Adverity, you can analyse your sales data alongside your advertising data to help bring to light the real drivers of your success. Our API connector library features preconfigured connections for all popular retail and e-commerce platforms.

Should you require access to an API connector that isn’t listed below, please contact us and we’ll make sure it’s added for you once you have signed up.

Application programming interfaces – commonly referred to as APIs – allow different marketing platforms to interact with each other.

In the case of Adverity Datatap, our next-generation data integration platform, APIs allow our users to import data from all their favourite marketing tools. Our platform is equipped with an extensive API connector library that is continually maintained by us – meaning there’s no further groundwork required from our users.

One of the many benefits of APIs is that they allow users to connect to their data without any coding being required. Users also have the option to set up automation so that their marketing data will be available for future use.

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