Use the Adform API to keep track of your users across channels

Integrate and harmonize all your data from Adform and other marketing sources into our centralized marketing data analytics platform, and display the ROI of your ad campaigns.


What is Adform?

Adform is a leading global technology provider for digital advertisers. Adform offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use digital marketing platform. Besides offering an ad server, where advertisers can host their creatives, Adform also offers a DSP (Demand Side Platform) for advertisers, as well as an SSP (Supply Side Platform) for publishers – and Adverity’s analytics platform has connectors for both DSP and SSP sides of Adform’s platform.

Adform’s DSP and SSP features several ad formats, which can be bought and sold programmatically. Formats include audio ads, digital out-of-home, mobile ads, native ads, video ads and even print ads.

Additionally, Adform provides DMP (Data Management Platform) functionality. This means that publishers can collect and segment data about their users. Ultimately, they can seamlessly sell it as part of their products to advertisers.

In addition to classic SSP/DSP-functionality, Adform offers several additional features:

  1. Creative Management Platform

This feature enables users to upload their banner creatives in different formats. The Creative Management Platform will then provide information about optimization possibilities and several metrics about the performance of different creatives.

  1. Audience Manager

Users can use the Audience Manager to identify users and draw out key characteristics and behaviours about their users. Ultimately, the Audience Manager is used to create audiences based on certain criteria.

  1. Cross-Device Tracking

Adform probably has one of the most powerful cross-device user tracking technologies on the market. Advertisers can add click and impression tags to their ads. This enables Adform to map complete customer journeys and advertisers can base profound investment decisions on meaningful conversion reports.

  1. ML-powered bidding automations

Advertisers can fully automate their bidding process based on advanced algorithms. Adforms bidding technique will try to set bids accordingly to the advertiser’s need.

In addition, Adform offers a variety of metrics for evaluating campaign performance. This means that a vast amount of data is generated in each second of a campaign. Individual reports are necessary to follow the most recent campaign developments. Manually gathering report data is highly tedious. Fortunately, this is where Adverity’s data connector to the Adform API can help.

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Adform and Adverity

What is the Adform API?

The Adform API allows applications such as Adverity to directly interact with the Adform platform. It provides you with the ability to regularly fetch large datasets from your campaigns without manual intervention. In short, using the API saves time, money and resources.

Our data integration and analytics platform is equipped with a connector the latest API by Adform. Users can automate the complete data integration, enrichment and normalisation process.

Benefits of using the Adform API with Adverity

By using the Adform API connector in Adverity, advertisers can automate report generation based on Adform data

Blend your cross-channel conversion data with data from other channels to calculate attributed ROIs or cost per conversions

Users can query more than 100 metrics, such as clicks, impressions or costs. Available metrics also include more specialized KPIs, such as cross-device conversions, eligible impressions or viewability.

Segment your data by hundreds of possible dimensions, such as Line Item, Network and many more

We’ve got hundreds of data connectors to other platforms