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Wenn Sie ein datengesteuerter Marketer, ein Datenanalyst, CMO oder CEO sind oder sich einfach nur für die Themen Marketinganalyse und Datenvisualisierung interessieren, hoffen wir, dass Sie die unten aufgelisteten Ressourcen hilfreich finden.

Marketing Reporting 101: Building the Ultimate Dashboard with SaaS KPIs

In this eBook you will learn 21 key KPIs that will form the building blocks in your marketing reporting and how to develop the ultimate dashboard for your SaaS business.

Case Study: Media Agency Reduces Time Spent on Creating Reports by 40%

The team at Hotspex Media managed to make the ETL process seamless and faster, reduce time needed for reporting, and identify best performing campaigns.

Augmented Analytics checklist for a proactive data approach

A list of all the features and benefits that Augmented Analytics has to offer to help you in understanding data and optimizing your campaigns towards a higher ROI.

eCommerce marketing checklist for successful, data-driven businesses

A checklist that helps you to identify the most important features your eCommerce marketing intelligence solution should include to ease your daily struggles with data.

Case Study: Sportswear Innovator Reaches Peak Digital Performance

With the automated data integration through Adverity, ODLO managed to save time, improve operations, and foster data-driven decisions in their online business.

Augmented Analytics: What Is It and How Can It Transform Your Marketing

Learn and how Augmented Analytics can help to you uncover data-driven insights and eliminate anomalies affecting the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Case Study: No More Data Headaches at Mediahub

A global media agency automated data integration and used the time and internal resources they saved with it to create innovative data-driven products that increase the value they offer to clients.

Business Growth Through Data Integration Case Study: Cars.com

Read how a leading online destination for car buyers managed to reduce data wrangling times from 160 to just 5 a week and uncover the real ROAS of their campaigns.

Automating and Streamlining Data Operations Case Study: IKEA

Read how IKEA in Austria laid the foundation for upcoming business growth and transformation by improving data integration through using Adverity.

Marketing Analytics for Telecoms: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Growth

A useful guide for marketers working in the telecommunication industry on how to utilize all the benefits of marketing analytics and secure growth.

Transformed Campaign Data Reporting Case Study: Vodafone

Read how a leading technology communications company transformed campaign reporting and reduced wasted time on creating reports by 75%.

Data Integration & Visualization for Digital Marketing Consultancies

Read how Digital Matter, a fast-growing performance marketing consultancy from New York, improved operational efficiency and client reporting through automating data acquisition.

5 Ways How AI-Enabled Marketing Drives Business Growth

Understand the role that artificial intelligence can play in maximizing your marketing efforts and how you can use augmented analytics to optimize and improve campaign results.


Mindshare NL Case Study

Leistungsteigerung der Marketingdaten-intelligenz in einer Medienagentur

Wie Mindshare Datenintegration und Reporting für ihre Kunden optimiert


Automated Data Integration for the Online Retail Industry

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Automatisierte Datenbereitstellung für Österreich Werbung

Globale Ambitionen Realisieren - Mit Der Macht Von Big Data


ReBuy: E-Commerce Growth through Automated Data Integration & Analytics

Wachstum im E-Commerce Durch Automatisierte Datenintegration

Signifikante Verbesserungen in der Daten- & Analysequalität

Justifying Opinion with Facts

Why eCommerce Retailers Struggle with Data-driven Decision-making

Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost with Data

How to Maintain a Profitable E-Commerce Business


Download brochure: Data Integration & Visualisation Software

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Analytics-Plattform für Marketing & E-Commerce

Die #1 Plattform für Datenintegration & Visualisierung

A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Data Analytics

How to Aggregate Data and Why Quality Matters

Automated Data Integration Case Study

How MediaCom Improved their Efficiency in Client Reporting & Analytics by 75%

Strategic Playbook for Data-driven Agencies: Part One

How Modern Advertising Agencies Can Benefit from Solving the Big Data Puzzle

Strategic Playbook for Data-driven Agencies: Part Two

The New Role of Marketing Analytics & Visualisation


Automated Data Integration for the Online Retail Industry

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Automatisierte Datenintegration im Online-Handel

Der Datenturbo für Marketing- & Business Intelligence


Automated Marketing Analytics and Reporting

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Fallstudie UPC Schweiz

Massive Effizienzsteigerung durch automatisiertes Marketing Analytics & Reporting

The Definitive Guide to ETL & Data Integration for Marketers

The Backbone of Modern Marketing Data Analytics

How to Use Smart Data to Deliver a Higher Marketing ROI

Unlock the True Potential of Your Data With Data-Driven Marketing to Make Better Decisions

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

How Brands Use AI to Improve Marketing Campaigns

The Comprehensive Guide to Marketing Reporting

Tell Stories With Automated Dashboards & Visualizations

How to Choose the Best Marketing Analytics Software in 2020

Why Software Plays a Critical Role in Marketing Analytics

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