Automate your Twitter Ads data integration

Connect to and harmonize all your data from Twitter, as well as other marketing data sources, into our advanced data analytics platform and create a centralized view of your social media performance and overall marketing success.


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What are Twitter Ads?

Twitter is one of the oldest and most popular social networks around. Over the past years, they have enhanced their platform with powerful advertising opportunities.

The social network offers now a wide variety of ad formats, targeting possibilities and optimization techniques. This makes Twitter Ads a powerful weapon in every marketer’s arsenal. Advertisers can reach advertising goals, such as driving conversion, raising awareness or drive engagement for their brand. As a result, Twitter Ads have become an integral part of many marketing mixes in recent years.

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What is the Twitter Ads API?

Powerful advertising tools, such as Twitter Ads, constantly generate a vast amount of data. In order to make sound investment decisions, this data needs to be retrieved, processed and analyzed ongoingly. Executing this manually can be tedious or even impossible. The Twitter Ads API paired with our analytics platform can help.

Twitter Ads and Adverity

Benefits of using Twitter Ads data in Adverity

automated reporting

By using the Twitter Ads API Connector in Adverity, advertisers can automate report generation based on Twitter Ads data

query metric groups

Users can query several metric groups, such as Engagement, Video, Billing or Media.

segment device

The data can be segmented by more than 15 breakdowns such as Device, Interest or Age.

hourly granularity

Adverity provides Twitter data at a highly granular level. Users can pull data on a daily, monthly or even hourly basis.

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