Marketing DATA analytics platform for every company

Use the power of data to drive business success and digital transformation of your company. Simplify and automate your marketing reports by creating a complete overview of your campaign performance in powerful dashboards.

Collect all your marketing data in one place and analyze it with ease

Our advanced analytics platform enables brands and companies to successfully collect, manage and analyze all of their data, regardless of the company’s size and industry, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Connect all your data under one central hub

Integrate data from any source

Connect to all sources of relevant data and combine it into a single source of truth, clearly displaying your marketing’s performance.

Easy-to-use drag and drop interface

Create all reports fast and easy

An easy-to-use platform that requires no coding knowledge, click – not code – your way to compelling marketing insights within seconds.

Convert more website visitors into customers

Constantly monitor and optimize

Monitor all KPIs constantly, optimize campaigns and proactively identify trends and anomalies that could affect your results.

Flexible hosting solutions available: cloud or on-premise.

Maintain complete data security

Keep all your data safe and your business secured, but at the same time share your success metrics with anybody that needs them.

Flexible data management

Manage and organize previously siloed data coming from multiple sources in a simple and straightforward way, and prepare it for further analysis. Use our data integration module to automate collection and transformation of data from over 400 sources.

Benefit from the power of combined and cross-referenced data to create a complete picture of your company’s business and your marketing’s performance. Prepare the data for further analysis in your preferred business intelligence solution, data visualization tool, or data warehouse.

Automated data integration

Simplified reporting through dashboards

Reduce complexity of your reporting by creating a centralized data location for all your marketing data. Visualize this data in powerful dashboards that will display all your business KPIs and the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Contribute to the democratization of data within your whole organization, share key information with internal and external stakeholders with just a few clicks, while maintaining full control over the sharing permissions.

Improved results with intelligent data analysis

Combine data from multiple sources and simplify cross-channel attribution, to be able to understand fully the market and your customers. Adapt to the market needs more quickly and with precision, and gain a competitive advantage you need to make your brand and company a huge success.

Constantly monitor the results of your sales and marketing with our augmented analytics tool and identify negative trends before they affect your business results. Use the power of data to uncover insights and make informed decisions leading your business forward.

Continually optimise all your campaigns

Trusted by largest brands and leading companies

Many large brands and companies across the world are successfully using Adverity to make the most out of their data.

A comprehensive overview of our data provides everyone, from individual contributors to top-level management, the possibility to unlock hidden potential: from uncovered insights on our activities to improved data-backed decision making.

Dr. Sebastian Siebert, CEO, Fashionette



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Brands Case Study

Using our data integration module IKEA in Austria managed to break down data silos and make vital business information available to all departments within the company. They eliminated manual data wrangling and moved towards a more data-driven decision-making process.

Watch this video testimonial and see how they managed to achieve all of this, with the help of Adverity.


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How TV attribution impacts your ROI measurement

One of the key challenges for marketers in companies with a widespread media plan is to make sure they get TV attribution right. Learn how to assess the impact of your TV ad campaigns on the overall success of your marketing and business.

Importance of data quality for day-to-day marketing

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