Marketing analytics for telecom COMPANIES

Use our end-to-end analytics platform to integrate data from all your marketing sources, create a full overview of your customers’ journey, and optimize your marketing investments.

Analyze all your marketing data in a single location

Telecommunication companies use our advanced analytics platform to collect, manage and analyze all of their marketing data, and make informed, data-driven decisions leading to improved customer retention, optimized ad spend, and accelerated digital transformation and business growth.

Connect all your data under one central hub

Collect all your data in one place

Connect to all your marketing data sources, gather all your data in a single location, and prepare it for further analysis.

regularly updated APIs

Reduce time spent on reporting

Create reports and dashboards to get a complete overview of performance on all your marketing channels.

Convert more website visitors into customers

Get proactive with optimizations

Our platform analyzes your data and delivers proactive ideas on how to optimize your campaigns and improve ROI.

Flexible hosting solutions available: cloud or on-premise.

Enhance company-wide data governance

All your data is completely safe, as our platforms adheres to the highest data security and data protection standards.

Automation and acceleration through data integration

Many data analysts in telcos face the same challenge: data is scattered around in various tools, and they need to create reports for each of them, or even combine them, and doing this manually is a major effort and not an optimal use of their time. With our data integration module, they can automatically collect all the data they need, store it into a single location, and harmonize it easily.

We have data connectors to over 400 data sources, allowing you to fully automate data collection and harmonization. This way you can simply cross-reference information from various sources, and prepare it for reporting and further analysis. Make it simple to display ROI and alignment with marketing strategy, and share this information with other sectors within the company. Enjoy all the benefits of big data, in our platform or your favorite BI tool.

Automated data integration

Accelerated campaign reporting and optimization

Once you have all the data in one place, you can easily create various reports and dashboards, which will be able to give you a complete overview on your marketing performance. Create predefined KPI reports, updated automatically, and tap directly into the performance of your ads, social media efforts, website’s SEO effects, and all other relevant marketing channels.

Easily create and share powerful dashboards with all stakeholders within your company, visualizing the performance and contribution of marketing to the overall business success. Get a holistic view on the performance of all your ad campaigns on multiple channels, and connect them to sales data to get a complete picture of ad efficiency and an ideal marketing mix.

Improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn

By integrating the data coming from various sources, you will be able to introduce complex metrics, such as CVR, CPL, and LTV, and proactively optimize campaigns. Use this data to fully understand the motivation of your customers, and to improve KPIs such as NPS and CSAT, increase revenue, and reduce churn.

Through analyzing all of your data coming from multiple sources, our augmented analytics module can spot trends, anomalies, and insights that might go unnoticed. This can help you to uncover numerous opportunities to increase customer loyalty, reduce churn, optimize your budget spend, and increase the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

Continually optimise all your campaigns

Trusted by largest brands and leading companies

Numerous companies all around the world, some of them being leaders in the telecommunication industry, are successfully using Adverity to make the most out of their data.

We were finally able to transition into generating the level of analysis that offers more value to our stakeholders and strengthens our marketing strategies and decisions. Adverity’s data integration solution freed up significant time for our digital marketing team, giving us more control over our data, and rapid results.


Emiliano Bozzi, Digital Marketing and Performance Data Analyst, Vodafone Italy


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Telecom Case Study

Vodafone Italy managed to unify offline and online data sources and extract actual campaign performance by using Adverity. These newly acquired insights are now easily shared with various stakeholders, and used by analysts around the company for more efficient planning and campaign optimizations.

Read more on how Vodafone Italy used Adverity to reduce time wasted on creating regular reports by 75% in our case study.



A tool for a multi-channel retail future

By implementing Adverity, IKEA in Austria was able to break down data silos and offer various information to multiple stakeholders within the company. This saved them a lot of time and effort, and allowed them to really start using their data to grow the business.

Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost with Data

By knowing what data to capture and how to analyze it, you will be able to truly understand customer behavior and intent. With the right data you can successfully reduce your CAC, and largely increase the efficiency of your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Importance of data quality for day-to-day marketing

Collecting data from numerous sources is just one part of the puzzle. Getting it into the right quality, to increase its usability and value, is the next level. Read more on our blog on how to improve your data quality and use this to improve your campaign performance.

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Meet our advanced analytics platform and its features, created especially for data-driven marketers. See how you can integrate data, visualize it, and analyze all your marketing data in one location, and learn all about the benefits of our AI-powered augmented analytics.

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