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Collect all your data in a single place

Connect to all your marketing data sources, gather all your data in a single location, harmonize it and prepare it for further analysis.

Accelerate marketing reporting

Power automated reporting to get a complete overview of campaign performance on all your marketing channels.

Be proactive with campaign optimizations

With our AI-powered features you get proactive suggestions how to optimize your campaigns and significantly improve ROI.

Fully automated data integration

We have data connectors to over 600 data sources, allowing you to fully automate data collection and harmonization and eliminate manual work on data and reporting.

Once transformed, this data is ready for sending into your corporate data storage or to your favorite BI and data visualization tools.


Simple reporting and information sharing

Make it simple to display marketing ROI and alignment with marketing plans, and share this information with other sectors within the company.

Power reports on your most important KPIs, like LTV or CAC, and tap directly into the performance of your ads, social media, website, and all other relevant marketing channels.

Intelligent and proactive insights

Employ our AI-powered features to analyze all your data, identify opportunities for improvements or eliminate any outliers that affect campaign performance.

Proactively optimize your campaigns, take full control of your budgets, and achieve a much higher ROI of your marketing investments.


Ready to embrace AI and improve marketing ROI?

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