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Manage client campaigns with our ETL and marketing analytics platform

Manage client campaigns seamlessly across all channels. Continually optimise marketing campaigns for on-the-spot delivery that remains within budget. Leverage Adverity’s cross-client campaign control centre to stay on top of your business.

Create shareable dashboards

Automate your internal and client reporting through shareable dashboards, which update automatically when new data becomes available. Furthermore, Adverity enables you to monitor your spend with media partners across all clients – allowing you to keep track of your deals and performance against benchmarks.

Scaleable data transformation platform

Scale the platform according to your requirements; add clients and data sources on-the-go and create new dashboards and reports as and when you need them.


Marketing data hub

Unify your marketing activities under one central hub. Connect online and offline data, maximise engagement, conversion, loyalty and awareness.

Marketing intelligence allows you to continually optimise your campaigns

Optimise each campaign and channel to evaluate how your investments work. With Adverity, you can react quickly to optimise your return on advertising expenditure using real-time data.

Powerful insights from your marketing and sales data

Connect sales and marketing performance to analyse how your efforts translate into results. Produce powerful new insights for identifying which strategies and tactics work best for engaging partners.

Monitor your brand's health with our marketing intelligence platform

Use Adverity to monitor your brand health, customer satisfaction, competitor activities, sentiment and so much more – all under one single platform.

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