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Automate your entire data pipeline with Adverity

Centralize your LinkedIn Ads data in Microsoft SQL Server

Easily extract your LinkedIn Ads data and automatically send to Microsoft SQL Server in just a few clicks!

Combine LinkedIn Ads data with data from multiple sources

Integrate LinkedIn Ads data to more than 600 other data sources in our API library.

Automated data standardization

Use no-code data transformations to automatically standardize your LinkedIn Ads data before sending to Microsoft SQL Server.

Create a single source of truth

Build a single source of truth in Microsoft SQL Server with accurate data you can trust.

How to create a LinkedIn Ads datastream with Adverity’s report templates

In this Adverity Platform Guide, learn how to set up a datastream and fetch LinkedIn Ads data using Adverity's prebuilt LinkedIn Ads templates.

Adverity features

Best in business data integration

Connect to any data source you need with one of the most sophisticated automated data integration platforms available.

Unrivaled data transformation options

Choose from a range of data transformations that scale in complexity - from simple transformation templates to flexible python/regex-based instructions that can be used sequentially.

Powerful and intelligent automation

Utilize smart automation tools to efficiently conduct advanced data operations fast and at scale.

Data governance built-in

Easily ensure data quality and completeness and manage access across the entire business - all from a single place.

Built-in storage and instant access to data

Immediately visualize and explore your data within the platform for faster time to insights

Integrate with your wider tech stack

From BI tools to big data storage or apps, send data wherever you need it and easily integrate into your existing tech stack.

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