What can you do with Data Transformation & Enrichment?


Combine your data to match your needs

Easily join datastreams from one or different sources into a single extract and build better reports faster.

Use Create & Edit to transform your data structures

Have the opportunity to add and edit new columns to data structures coming from your data sources faster, by using our ‘Create & Edit’ enrichment template while transforming your data and preparing it for further analysis.


Set a single reporting currency with automated currency conversions

Effortlessly convert currencies in data coming from different sources into a currency of your choice. This will supply your reports with unified currency data and enable you to quickly compare your campaign performance across different markets and platforms.

Unify your report language with automated translations

Unify the language in your data sets by using our Translation enrichment template, allowing you to aggregate and analyze fetched data further without any language inconsistencies.


Write custom scripts for full flexibility and powerful transformations

More advanced users can use our platform's scripting capabilities to deliver powerful data transformations and the flexibility you need to fully tailor your data to your needs, beyond the use cases covered by our enrichment templates, resulting in highly customized dashboards and reports.

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