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Now Tech Report Lists Adverity Among Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions

Adverity has been listed in an overview of 35 selected measurement and optimization solutions for marketers, created by Forrester.

[New York, NY, USA - April 28, 2021] Adverity, the intelligent marketing analytics platform, has been listed in Now Tech: Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions Q2 2021. The report, published by independent advisory firm Forrester, provides an overview of 35 selected measurement and optimization solutions for marketers.

According to the report, 23% of B2C marketing decision-makers believe that measuring marketing results will be a great challenge in the next two years. As a solution that specifically addresses this challenge, Adverity was listed in the marketing performance monitors functionality segment.

“The Forrester Now Tech report reflects how important tools like Adverity have become for modern-day marketing,” said Alexander Igelsböck, CEO and Founder of Adverity, “Marketers are expected to face major changes in the future, not least when it comes to the death of third-party cookies, and our platform is ideally placed to help businesses become more data-driven in their decisions and achieve much greater ROI from their marketing spend.”

As a Marketing Measurement and Optimization (MMO) solution, the Adverity platform enables marketers to monitor the performance of their marketing spend across multiple channels, as well as derive intelligent insights from the data using advanced, AI-powered analytics.

With the industry’s largest collection of out-of-the-box data connectors, Adverity is also able to automate data integration from almost any marketing data source – eliminating manual reporting and vastly reducing the time-to-value for marketing data analysts.