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Press release / Adverity Announces Support for AWS Advertising & Marketing Initiative

Adverity Announces Support for AWS Advertising & Marketing Initiative

Adverity, the fully-integrated data platform for automating the connectivity, transformation, and governance of data at scale, announced support for the AWS for Advertising & Marketing initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help accelerate advertising and marketing transformation.

AWS for Advertising & Marketing is an initiative featuring services and solutions purpose-built
to meet the needs of advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, ad technology providers, and
analytics service providers. The initiative helps customers deliver personalized ad experiences,
optimize ad serving performance and cost, and innovate on audience segmentation and
attribution. It simplifies the process for industry customers to select the right tools and partners helping accelerate their production launches and see faster time to value.

Adverity customers are struggling to innovate and transform at the rate required to remain competitive, still largely relying on manual data wrangling and report creation practices. Adverity’s support of the AWS for Advertising & Marketing initiative will help businesses discover how industry peers are leveraging Adverity to eliminate time spent on integrating data so they can focus on more advanced advertising intelligence use cases like measurement, attribution, and verification.

AWS empowers advertisers and marketers to reinvent workloads with solutions to improve audience and customer data management, privacy-enhanced data collaboration, advertising platforms, marketing measurement and ad intelligence, and personalized digital customer experiences. For customers looking for prescriptive, solution-specific support, AWS for Advertising & Marketing identifies leading industry partners, like Adverity, in each area.

Adverity’s integrated data platform empowers businesses to make insights-driven decisions faster and easier. Adverity allows businesses to connect and enhance all their data from more than 600 data sources and build a single source of truth ready for third-party visualization or storage. This allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of channels and optimize campaign performance.

One benefit of migrating or building advertising and marketing workloads on the most widely adopted cloud is the number of integrations and distribution channels connecting shared data with flexibility and interoperability. Whether you are seeking third-party data or tools for better managing first-party data, there are both AWS and third-party solutions offered in the AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, along with the largest community of AWS Partner Network (APN) members, including Adverity.

Customers can easily connect and combine key data sources through our AWS data platform, creating a single truth source.

“A partnership with Adverity changed the game with how we think about tech and what we’re capable of. They gave us the confidence to really tie a lot of what we do to their capabilities.” - Mike Frost Senior Technical Product Manager, Goodway Group.

Support of AWS for Advertising & Marketing is Adverity’s latest advancement in supporting customers. Customers can use Adverity with AWS for Advertising & Marketing here: www.adverity.com


About Adverity

Adverity is the fully-integrated data platform for automating the connectivity, transformation, and governance of data at scale.

The platform enables businesses to blend disparate datasets such as sales, finance, marketing, advertising, CRM, and logistics, to create a single source of truth over business performance. Through automated connectivity to hundreds of data sources and destinations, unrivalled data transformation options, and powerful data governance features, Adverity is the easiest way to get your data how you want it, where you want it, and when you need it.

Adverity was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Vienna with offices in London and New York, and currently works with leading brands and agencies including Unilever, IKEA, Forbes, GroupM, Publicis, and Dentsu.

Learn more at www.adverity.com