Struggling to bring disparate sets of data together?

Overwhelmed by manually complex data sets?

Frustrated with data silos and inconsistent data structures across different platforms and teams?

Adverity is here to help

Improve your data quality and discover more actionable insights


The single source of truth you need


Eliminate data silos. Through automated data cleansing and seamless transformations, marketing teams can gain a valuable single source of truth and have complete confidence over data quality and accuracy. 

Enrich and enhance your data


Adverity goes one step beyond data integration, allowing you to enrich and enhance your data so it’s perfectly tailored to your unique business needs and load it into any data destination. 

Data management simplified


Remove the frustrations and complexity of data management, with streamlined data integration from all your business data sources.

“In the area of data integration and transformation, Adverity has shown to be a very flexible and scalable solution, allowing us to collect and process data and send it to the data storage of our choice or popular solutions for data visualization, depending on client requirements."

Kamal El Agha, Head of Data, Analytics & Technology, Havas


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Unrivalled data transformation features:

Connect to all your data sources

Transform and enhance data from more than 600 different data sources with Adverity’s market-leading library of data connectors

Easily combine disparate datastreams

With the ability to join datastreams, your marketing team has the ability to effortlessly merge data from different platforms, as long as a unique ID or value is present. 

Unify data schema

Say goodbye to inconsistent data formats. Easily standardize data structures across your different data sources, ensuring consistency and ease of analysis. 

Smart Naming Conventions

Use Smart Naming Conventions to automatically detect your naming convention based on patterns in your data and enforce these conventions. 

Currency conversion

Tap into the power of automated currency conversion to deliver consistently up-to-date, precise, and harmonized financial figures.

Data dictionary

A shared data dictionary helps to unify data comprehension across your business to enhance collaboration, streamline data blending, and craft universally understood fields and calculated KPIs.

Automate standardization

There’s no longer any need for more time-consuming manual efforts to standardize data. Adverity automates data standardization, ensuring dataset uniformity across datasets and saving valuable business time.

Match and Map

Improve the quality of your data by setting up find and replace instructions for inconsistent or variable data values in your source data.

Language translation

With automated language translation, you can maintain data consistency in a single language, facilitating straightforward comparisons and more informed business decisions.

Custom enrichments

Equip your data teams with the flexibility to craft their own custom enrichments, empowering them to realize any data transformation they imagine.

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