Demonstrate ROAS across the entire business

Track the impact of marketing activities on the company’s bottom line and fully demonstrate marketing's value across the business.

Check out how increased return on ad spend by 100% and doubled the number of sales leads sent to their dealer partners.

Because of the data availability that Adverity has made possible, we are now able to calculate the true return on ad spend through the actual business.

Alexander Holt, Manager of Data Enablement,

Get accurate insights that inform strategic-level decision-making

Get regular real-time updates that inform your strategy letting you quickly understand where the best value lies and how best to optimize.

Found out how we helped ODLO to start drawing daily insights that translate into tangible actions from their data.

We can monitor every eCommerce KPI and connect transactional data to our marketing campaigns on a daily level to draw conclusions, derive actions for our operational business, and optimize profitability.

Andreas Hindelang, Ecommerce Director, ODLO

Discover previously hidden opportunities for growth

Highlight anomalies and get suggestions on best-performing channels that demonstrably contribute to company growth.

Check out how Vodaphone was able to start generating more value to their stakeholders and strengthen their marketing strategies and decisions.

Did you know?



Almost 40% of marketing professionals say that the inability to measure ROI is one of their biggest challenges

1 in 10

Only 1 in 10 marketers say they can easily demonstrate the business impact of marketing


Almost half of CMOs say they lack data-driven recommendations on how to improve marketing performance

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