Data Integration & Marketing Analytics.

Improved Efficiency and Decision Making.

The Platform

Leveraging data effectively is a key competence of today and tomorrow’s successful marketers. Adverity serves as your marketing data backbone and helps you with the most fundamental task: creating a clean data stack across your ecosystem, which you can then explore, analyse and visualise effortlessly.

Adverity DataTap

A powerful cloud-based ETL platform that connects all your marketing data sources and handles the data harmonisation and consolidation on the fly.

Connect all your marketing data in one central hub


An extensive library of inbuilt connectors for all your online and offline marketing data sources.

Produce a comprehensive data set from all your marketing tools

Transformation & Unification

Normalise, clean and merge data to produce a comprehensive data set for your marketing activities.

Adverity Insights

Explore, analyse and visualise all your marketing and impact data in one place.

Analyse your marketing data with our powerful analytics and reporting platform

Data Exploration

An extensive library of inbuilt connectors for all your online and offline marketing data sources.

Produce compelling dashboards of your marketing activities

Reporting and Visualisation

Share dashboards, export reports in a variety of formats and capture insights with visualisations.

Streamline your marketing data analysis

Today’s generation of marketers are being inundated with data from an ever-increasing list of marketing tools. Fortunately, Adverity is here to help you wrangle all your marketing data.

Adverity is a web-based marketing reporting and analytics platform that acts as your marketing hub – putting all your marketing data at your fingertips. It fully integrates data from all your favourite marketing tools as well as offline data – such as Excel spreadsheets – into one central platform to help you analyse all the information on a granular level.

By collecting and normalising the data, DataTap helps you combine data from previously isolated channels, explore new correlations and discover new insights about your marketing performance.

With customisable dashboards and visualisations, Adverity Insights enables you to generate a comprehensive overview of your marketing campaigns. Together with automated reporting, you can act quickly to optimise your return on advertising expenditure. Adverity neatly brings together everything you need to take control of your marketing activities.

Add custom visualisations to shareable dashboard

A choice of hosting solutions

We understand, that is important to you and your stakeholders where your data is processed and stored. That is why we let you choose: run Adverity on our highly scalable, reliable, fast and secure cloud infrastructure or deploy it on your own servers.

ETL Tool: Cloud or On-Premise