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Discover hidden trends, anomalies, and opportunities

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ROI Advisor

Monitor and analyze cross-channel performance to establish and optimize ROI on all your marketing spend – all without the need for third-party cookies!

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Anomaly detection

Receive early alerts whenever the system detects an anomaly in crucial metrics and eliminate problems before they impact budget and campaign performance.

Trend detection

Identify and act upon emerging trends, such as market changes or unexpected user behavior, to create campaigns that have a significant impact on business growth.


Segment analysis

Get detailed insights into the most effective segments as a campaign is executed so you can adapt the initial targeting or completely redefine it.

Budget shift suggestions

Identify campaigns that are performing best or are being restricted by budget and receive suggestions on how to adjust budget spend to achieve the best ROI.



Ensure your budget is used to its full potential by creating a complete overview of your actual budget spend and forecast position by the end of the period.

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